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What a great year it has been! We have had our Expo, & Community Day in Term 1, Pamper day & Emotional Fitness program in Term 2, First Aid course in term 3 , Sewing lessons and Pelvic floor eduation session in term 4 just to mention a few of our special events.

Our centre is now closed for 2013. (17/12/2013) We look forward to meeting you all at some of our wonderful events/programs during 2014. The calendar for Jan-Feb 2014 is below


If you would like to enrol in our programs for 2014 please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

**For Ready Go kids programs please contact the centre as there are many venues and times. 



Preschool Groups  in BURGUNGY


Special Events in RED

 December 2013- Feb 2014

Date Program Time Location
Term 4 2013 Events and programs
 Monday 2nd Dec
 Playgroup (weekly)  9.30-11.30am  Mactier Community Centre(MCC)
 Monday 2nd Dec  Market Night  7-9pm  Mactier Community Centre
Tuesday 3rd  Playgroup (weekly)  9.15-11.00am MCC
 Tuesday 3rd  Playgroup (weekly)  9.30-11.30am  Streeton Primary School
Wednesday 4th Playgroup (weekly) 9.30-11.30am Streeton Pimary School
 Wednesday 4th  Adult Fitness  (weekly)  6.30-7.30pm  Simpson Barracks Gym
Thursday 5th Sewing Lessons 7.00-9.00pm MCC Simpson Barracks
 Friday 6th  Playgroup (weekly)  9-10.30am  Laurimaur Community Activity Centre
 Friday 6th  Playgroup (weekly)  9.30-11.30am  Streeton Primary School
Friday 6th Adult Coffee group 9.15-10.30am Mactier Community Centre 
Friday 6th Playgroup (weekly) 2-4pm Streeton Primary School
 Saturday 7th  Adult Fitness (weekly)
 7.15-8.15am  Village Common Macleod
 Monday 9th Dec  Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  MCC
Monday 9th
Sewing Lessons
Tuesday 10th Playgroup 9.15-11am MCC
 Tuesday 10th  Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  Streeton P.S
 Wednesday11th  Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  Streeton P.S.
Wednesday 11th Adult Fitness 6.30-7.30pm Simpson Barracks Gym
Thursday12th Sewing Lessons  7.00-9.00pm  MCC Simpson Barracks
Friday 13th Laurimar playgroup closed for 2013    
Friday 13th Playgroup 9.30-11.30am Streeon P.S
Friday13th Adult Coffee group 9.15-10.30am MCC
Friday 13th Playgroup 2-4pm Streeton P.S.
Friday 13th
Base carols evening with fireworks
School of music (outdoor)
Saturday 14th Adult Fitness 7.15-8.15am Village Common Macleod
Saturday 14th Dec
Centre Christmas Party
Sunday 15th Craft Group (monthly) 11-4pm MCC Simpson Barracks
 Monday 16th Dec  Playgroup   9.30-11.30am MCC
Monday 16th
Sewing Lessons
Tuesday 17th Playgroup 9.15-11am MCC
 Tuesday 17th  Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  Streeton P.S.
Tuesday 17th
Office closes at EOB today
 Wednesday18th  Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  Streeton P.S
Wednesday18th Adult Fitness 6.30-7.30pm Simpson Barracks Gym
Thursday 19th Sewing Lessons 7.00-9.00am MCC
Friday 20th Playgroup 9.30-11.30am Streeton P.S.
Saturday 21st Adult Fitness 7.15-8.15am Village Common Macleod
Monday 23rd Dec Centre closed    

Tuesday 24th

Wednesday 25th Merry Christmas to you and your family    
Thursday 26th      
Friday 27th      
Saturday 28th      
Monday 30th Dec      
Tuesday 31st    
Wednesday 1st Jan 2014 Happy New year
Thursday 2nd
Friday 3rd
Saturday 4th
Monday 6th Jan 2014
Tuesday 7th
Wedensday 8th
 Thursday 9th    
Friday 10th
Saturday 11th
Monday 13th Jan    
Tuesday 14th  
Wednesday 15th      
Thursday 16th      
Saturday 18th
Monday 20th Jan    
Tuesday 21st
 Wednesday 22nd
Thursday 223rd
Friday 24th
Saturday 25th
Monday 27th Jan  
Tuesday 28thth
Wenesday 29th Office reopens today  9-5pm  
Thursday 30th  
Friday 31st    
Saturday 1st Feb    
Monday 3rd Feb 2104 Centre reopens and Term 1 programs resume    

Monday 3rd

Mactier Community Centre

Tuesday 4th

Playgroup  9.30-11.30  MCC
 Tuesday 4th Playgroup  9.30-11.30  Streeon PS
Wednesday 5th Playgroup (community Group)  9.30-11.30  Streeton PS
Wedesday 5th
Adult Fitness
Simpsons Barracks Gym
Thursday 6th
 Friday 7th Playgroup 9.30-10.30  Streeton PS
 Friday 7th Adult Coffee group  9.15-10.30  Mactier Community Centre
 Friday 7th Playgroup 2-4pm  
Saturday 8th Adult fitness 7.15-8.15am  
Monday 10th Feb Playgroup  9.30-11.30am  MCC
Tuesday 11th Playgroup    
Wednesday 12th Playgroup
Thursday 13th
Friday 14th Playgroup
Saturday 15th
Monday 17th Feb EXPO Evening
6.30-8.30pm Mactier Community centre
Monday 17th Playgroup
Tuesday18th Playgroup
Wednesday19th Playgroup
Saturday 22nd
Sunday 23rd DCO Welcome Day- MCG 10-12midday MCG Sports Museum
Monday 24th Feb Community Day 9.30-11.30am Mactier Community Centre
Tuesday 25th
Thursday 27th
Friday 28th


More to come for Term 1 2014....